Dictionary of File Types Starting with A And B

Dictionary of File Types Starting with A And B

These file extensions are collected from various sources and will be updated as we found more extensions.

  • ABKCorel Draw AutoBackup
  • ACL Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator
  • ACM Used by Windows in the system directory
  • ACPMicrosoftOffice Assistant Preview file
  • ACT Microsoft Office Assistant Actor file
  • ACV OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data
  • AD After Dark screensaver
  • ADB Appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer
  • ADD OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot process
  • ADM After Dark MultiModule screensaver
  • ADP Used by FaxWorks to do setup for fax modem interaction
  • ADR After Dark Randomizer screensaver
  • AF2 ABC Flowchart file
  • AF3 ABC Flowchart file
  • AFMAdobe font metrics
  • AIAdobe Illustrator drawing
  • AIF Apple Mac AIFF sound
  • ALB JASC Image Commander album
  • ALL Arts & Letters Library
  • AMS Velvert Studio music module (MOD) file
  • ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors
  • ANI Animated Cursor
  • ANS ANSI text
  • APIApplication Program Interface file; used by Adobe Acrobat
  • APR Lotus Approach 97 file
  • APS Microsoft Visual C file
  • ARC LH ARC (old version) compressed archive
  • ARJ Robert Jung ARJ compressed archive
  • ART Canon Crayola art file
  • ART Xara Studio drawing
  • ASA Microsoft Visual InterDev file
  • ASCASCII text
  • ASD WinWord AutoSave
  • ASM Assembler language source file
  • ASP Active Server Page (an HTML file containing a Microsoft server-processed script)
  • ASP Procomm Plus setup and connection script
  • AST Claris Works ‘assistant’ file
  • ATT AT&T Group 4 bitmap
  • AVI Microsoft Video for Windows movie
  • AWD FaxView document


  • B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file
  • BAKBackup file
  • BASBASIC code
  • BAT Batch file
  • BFCWindows 95 Briefcase document
  • BG Backgammon for Windows game
  • BIBinary file
  • BIFGroupWise initialization file
  • BIN Binary file
  • BK Sometimes used to denote backup versions
  • BK$ Also sometimes used to denote backup versions
  • BKS An IBM BookManager Read bookshelf
  • BM1 Apogee BioMenace data file
  • BMK An A bookmark file
  • BMP Windows or OS/2 bitmap
  • BRX A file for browsing an index of multimedia options
  • BS1 Apogee Blake Stone data file
  • BSP Quake map
  • BTM Batch file used by Norton Utilities

In meantime enjoy this listing and enhance your knowledge with our efforts.
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Windows 7 Taskbar Icons Keyboard Shortcuts

To open quick launch applications through shortcut keys, simply hold down the Windows key and press the number on the keyboard that corresponds with the icon, working from the Start  button to the right. For example, if Internet Explorer is the first icon, press Windows-1 to open IE, more switching between icons and launch it quickly.


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Internet Explorer 9 Shortcut Keys

We all know that keyboard shortcuts make operating programs quicker, thats why we presenting Internet Explorer 9 shortcuts to make your browsing smooth!

Ctrl + +  (plus sign) – Zoom in a webpage

Ctrl + –  (minus sign) – Zoom out in a webpage
Ctrl + o  – Open a webpage
Ctrl + S – Save a web page for offline viewing.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Move back through tabs
Ctrl + Tab – Move forward through tabs.
Ctrl + T – Opens a new browser tab
Ctrl + w – Closes the current browser tab.
Ctrl + K – Copies the current browser tab and opens it.
Ctrl + N – Open a new Internet Explorer window.
Ctrl + J – Opens the Internet Explorer Download Manager.
Ctrl + L – Select the address bar so that you can type in a new address.
Ctrl + B – organize your Internet Explorer favorites.
Ctrl + D – Can be used to bookmark a webpage or add it to your Internet explorer favorites.

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File Formats Dictionary of World Starting with C


  • C code
  • CAB Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)
  • CAL Calendar schedule data
  • CAL CALS Compressed Bitmap
  • CAS Comma-delimited ASCII file
  • CAT IntelliCharge categorization file used by Quicken
  • CB Microsoft clean boot file
  • CCB Visual Basic Animated Button configuration
  • CCF Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2
  • CCH Corel Chart
  • CCM Lotus CC:Mail “box” (for example, INBOX.CCM)
  • CDA CD Audio Track
  • CDF Microsoft Channel Definition Format file
  • CDI Phillips Compact Disk Interactive format
  • CDR Core Draw drawing
  • CDT Corel Draw template
  • CDX Corel Draw compressed drawing
  • CEL CIMFast Event Language file
  • CFB Comptons Multimedia file
  • CFG Configuration file
  • CGI Common Gateway Interface script file
  • CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
  • CH OS/2 configuration file
  • CHK File fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk
  • CHP Ventura Publisher chapter
  • CIL Clip Gallery download package
  • CIM Sim City 200 file
  • CIN OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file
  • CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data file
  • CK2 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data file
  • CK3 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file
  • CK4 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data file
  • CK5 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data file
  • CK6 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file
  • CLASS Java class
  • CLP Windows Clipboard file
  • CLS Visual Basic Class Module
  • CMD Command file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file)
  • CMD dBase-II program file
  • CMD DOS CP/M command file
  • CMF Corel Metafile
  • CMP Address document
  • CMP JPEG Bitmap
  • CMV Corel Move animation
  • CMX Corel Presentation Exchange image
  • CNF Configuration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other applications
  • CNM Windows application menu options and setup file
  • CNQ Compuworks Design Shop file
  • CNT Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes
  • COB trueSpace2 object
  • COD Microsoft C compiler output as displayable assembler with original C as comments
  • COM Command file (program)
  • CPD Fax Cover document
  • CPE Fax Cover document
  • CPI Microsoft MS-DOS code page information file
  • CPL Control Panel extension
  • CPL Corel colour palette
  • CPP C++ code
  • CPR Corel Presents Presentation
  • CPT Corel Photo-Paint image
  • CPX Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed drawing
  • CRD Cardfile file
  • CRP Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation
  • CRT Certificate file
  • CSC Corel Script
  • CSP PC Emcee On-Screen image
  • CSV Comma-separated values file
  • CT Scitex CT Bitmap
  • CTL Used in general to mean a file containing control information.
  • CUE Microsoft Cue Cards data
  • CUR Windows Cursor
  • CUT Dr Halo bitmap
  • CV Corel Versions archive
  • CV Microsoft CodeView information screen
  • CWK Claris Works data file
  • CWS Claris Works template
  • CXX C++ source code fil


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