Secrets of the AutoSum Function in Excel!

Every MS Excel user knows well how to use the SUM function.

Simply you type =SUM into a cell, use the Shortcut ALT+= and click the AutoSum (Ʃ) command found on the right side of the Home Tab.


As you know well, when you are not on the Home Tab the AutoSum command is not visible and if you want to always use the AutoSum you may add the AutoSum command to your Quick Access Toolbar, so it will be always accessible to you.

I thought you never noticed that the AutoSum command on the home Tab has a tiny drop down arrow next to it, click on the tiny drop down arrow and you will discover some other function instead of Sum, you can chose to calculate AVERAGE, COUNT NUMBERS, MAX and MINS in the same way you use SUM, choice is yours.


You can also use keyboard shortcuts, press ALT+H to activate the Home Tab, press U to activate AutoSum options and then press shortcut keys for which function you want to use:

S = Sum

A = Average

C = Count Numbers

M = Max

I =  Min

F = More Functions

Excel will suggest you a range for use the same way with the SUM, press Enter to accept the range or select other range.

If you know any other things about AutoSum, Let me know!


Quick Current Date and Time in Excel


  • To enter Current Date in a cell Press Ctrl+; (semicolon ) it will inserts Current Date in your current Cell.
  • To enter Current Time  in a cell Press Ctrl+Shift+: (colon ) it will inserts Current Time in your current Cell.

Know you know, how to insert Current Date and Time Microsoft Excel, next time when need to insert Current Date and Time in any cell of worksheet and format the cell for Date and Time as like try these Keyboard Shortcuts.

This works in almost all the Excel versions.

Enjoy Microsoft Excel.


Microsoft Excel Function Keys Shortcuts!

Most of the user know at least a handful of shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. However, an entire row of function keys shortcut  is often neglected and even unknown to users. We are talking about the Function keys  that  they just do not get enough attention from users of Microsoft Excel.

So let’s talk about Microsoft  Excel Function Keys, from left to right.

  1. F1 by itself opens the Help task pane.
  2. Ctrl+F1 shows or hides the Ribbon newer versions of Excel.
  3. Alt+F1 will create a quick chart using data that is selected.
  4. Alt+Shift+F1 inserts a brand new worksheet/macro sheet.
  5. F2 moves the cursor to the end of the selected cell (edit cell mode).
  6. Ctrl+F2 shows  Print Preview Window.
  7. Alt+F2 brings up the Save As dialog.
  8. Shift+F2 adds a comment.
  9. F3 opens the Paste Name box.
  10. Shift+F3 is a quick way to insert a function.
  11. Ctrl+F3 brings up the Name Manager dialog.
  12. Ctrl+Alt+F3 brings up the New Name dialog.
  13. Ctrl+Shift+F3 brings up the Create Names dialog.
  14. F4  repeats your last action.
  15. Ctrl+F4 closes your window.
  16. Shift+F4 Move you to Firs Cell A1.
  17. F5 opens the Go To dialog.
  18. Ctrl+F5 restores the window size.
  19. Shift+F5 Brings up Find and Replace dialog.
  20. F6 switches to the task pane or second window.
  21. Ctrl+F6 switches between workbooks.
  22. F7 brings up Spell Check.
  23. Shift+F7 opens the Research pane.
  24. F8 turns on (or off) extended mode.
  25. Shift+F8 allows you to add another range of cells to the selection.
  26. Alt+F8 brings up Macro dialog.
  27. F9 calculates all open workbooks.
  28. Shift+F9 calculates the active worksheet.
  29. Ctrl+F9 minimizes workbooks.
  30. F10 turns key tips on or off.
  31. Ctrl+F10 maximizes or restores the window.
  32. Shift+F10 brings up Shortcut Menu.
  33. F11  creates an instant chart.
  34. Ctrl+F11  creates an instant Macro Sheet.
  35. Alt+F11  opens Microsoft VBA Window.
  36. Shift+F11  insert new worksheet in current workbook.
  37. F12 brings up the Save As dialog.
  38. Shift+F12 for the Save window.
  39. Ctrl+F12 opens theOpen dialog.
  40. Ctrl+Shift+F12 brings the Print dialog.
That’s all for Today, and keep in mind some of the shortcuts also works in other Microsoft Office programs too, other shortcuts will be published soon!
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