How to Apply Number Formatting in Excel and Google Sheet – Keyboard Shortcut

Another Number Formatting Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcut :

To apply Number Formatting, here is time-saving  Keyboard Shortcut to apply Number Format on Current Cell or Selected Cells in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet also try yourself in other Spreadsheet programs, share and write your experience in comments box.

Press CTRL + SHIFT + ! to apply Number Formatting to Current Cell / Selected Cells in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet / other Spreadsheet Programs: 

Excel and Google Sheet Keyboard Shortcuts - Ctrl + Shift + ! Number Format

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Quick Current Date in Microsoft Excel!

Whenever you need to insert Current Date in your Microsoft Excel Current Cell, then try this Keyboard Shortcut and you will be amazed that Current Date inserted instantly with default Date Format.

Quick Current Date in Microsoft Excel


Be Awesome with Microsoft Excel with time-saving keyboard shortcuts!

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