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Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Part-3

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Spacebar Play or Pause a video
Left Arrow Rewind
Right Arrow Fast forward
Up Arrow Increase Volume
Down Arrow Decrease Volume
F key Full screen view
Esc key Exit full screen view

Happy TouTube  exploring.!!!


Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Part-2

Twitter Shortcuts

@username + message Message to another user; Twitter saves in their replies tab.
D username + message Sends private message to another user’s device, which saves in their web archive.
WHOIS username Retrieves a profile from any public user.
GET username Receives that latest Twitter updates.
NUDGE username Remind friend to update status as to what they’re doing for you.
FAV username Marks a person’s last Twitter as a favorite
STATS Returns the number of your followers, how many you’re following, and your bio information.
INVITE phone number Sends and SMS invite to a person’s mobile phone.

Happy Twitter  exploring.!!!



Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Part-1

With all of the social media stuff going on, I thought that people who “Tweet” and post stuff to Facebook and strut their videos for YouTube and blog and share photos might like some keyboard shortcuts, so I looked and looked, found some, and now they’re yours.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+1 Home Page
Alt+2 Your Profile
Alt+3 Pending Friend Requests
Alt+4 Inbox (messages)
Alt+5 Notifications
Alt+6 My Account
Alt+7 Privacy Settings
Alt+8 Facebook Fan Page
Alt+9 Terms and Conditions Page
Alt+0 Help Center

Happy Facebook exploring.!!!


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