Android Special Characters Shortcuts

Sometimes we need to type a special character or symbol that is not accessible by default through the Android Phone and Tablet keyboard.

Maybe an é or a symbol? It could not be simpler to find. Just press and hold the letter that needs the accent mark, tilde or other special character. Your options will appear and you can choose what you need by just tapping it.


It is also useful when you need to use a symbol associated with a particular letter, such as the Paragraph symbol and P or the $ sign and S.



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Meet Friends, and Chat Have Fun with Mig33

Mig33 makes great play of the fact that it is a global social network, complete with the tagline, and ‘Get the whole world on you mobile phone’. It offers Facebook-style friend updates, free instant messaging and chat rooms, and throws in the ability to make cheap voice calls and send cheap texts. Profiles and photo-sending are also included.


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Mobile Only Social Networks With Blinko


Blinko is the work of mobile firm Buongiorno. It is free and revolves around Facebook-style status updates, except that they can be text, photos or bookmarks (with video on the way). People can comment on each others updates, and the site allows free texting and instant messaging.


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