Private Browsing in Internet Explorer 8

Whenever you are at a office or in a public location and want to run a private version of Internet Explorer.

You can quickly jump to the InPrivate Browsing mode so. There are several methods.

You can click and drag the IE icon up or right-click it to get a contextual menu in which you choose Start InPrivate Browsing.

Or browsing in IE itself, choose Safety > InPrivate Browsing or press Ctrl-Shift-P to open a new, private IE window.

And you can also set a desktop shortcut for IE that automatically launches in InPrivate Browsing mode; just append -private after the application path, with a space before the hyphen. No matter how you launch that private session, IE won’t retain any of the information you view or type during that session.

Happy Browsing in IE 8!!!


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Skip to Timestamp on YouTube

Hey, all you YouTube users out there. Have you ever wanted to skip ahead in a video, but you didn’t want to wait for the buffer bar to load all the way to your favorite part? Well, here’s a neat little trick to help you skip directly to a specific timestamp!

All you have to do is put the time in at the end of the URL in the address bar using this formula #t=XXmYYs (Where XX represents minutes and YY represents seconds).

So, if your favorite part of a video starts at 3 minutes and 15 seconds in, you’d input #t=03m15s at the end of the URL. Like this:

Then, all you have to do is press Enter and the video should start at the timestamp you specified!

Have a  cool Journey to YouTube!


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