Secrets of the AutoSum Function in Excel!

Every MS Excel user knows well how to use the SUM function.

Simply you type =SUM into a cell, use the Shortcut ALT+= and click the AutoSum (Ʃ) command found on the right side of the Home Tab.


As you know well, when you are not on the Home Tab the AutoSum command is not visible and if you want to always use the AutoSum you may add the AutoSum command to your Quick Access Toolbar, so it will be always accessible to you.

I thought you never noticed that the AutoSum command on the home Tab has a tiny drop down arrow next to it, click on the tiny drop down arrow and you will discover some other function instead of Sum, you can chose to calculate AVERAGE, COUNT NUMBERS, MAX and MINS in the same way you use SUM, choice is yours.


You can also use keyboard shortcuts, press ALT+H to activate the Home Tab, press U to activate AutoSum options and then press shortcut keys for which function you want to use:

S = Sum

A = Average

C = Count Numbers

M = Max

I =  Min

F = More Functions

Excel will suggest you a range for use the same way with the SUM, press Enter to accept the range or select other range.

If you know any other things about AutoSum, Let me know!


Translate Selected Text In Excel!

If you are working on a worksheet for a client based in another country that they speaks another language like mine, you might have difficulty understanding what you are working with.

To translate this, you can utilize Excel’s Translate feature.

Select the cell with the text you wish to translate, click the Review tab and then click Translate.


In the Research pane, select Translation to Language as I selected URDU , click again Translate in Review Tab.


Your selected text translated in Research Pane Click on Insert drop down list Click Insert to insert translated word in selected cell or Click Copy to copy translated text in clipboard and then paste in your selected cell.


Following image is my finally translated copied text.


Awesome Translation Feature In Excel Try Yourself!


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