Glossary of Terms Mobile Phones Part 2


If your mobile is Java enabled, you will be able to download games and ringtones.


To hold vast libraries of photos, music and videos, you will need a handset that supports a memory card slot. Card formats favored are SD, micrsoSD, TransFlash, miniSD, Multimedia (MMC), ReducedSize Multimedia (RS-MMC), MemoryStick Duo and MemoryStick Micro (M2).


Multimedia Messaging Service lets you send photos, graphics and audio files.


Handsets with built-in music players can play your digital audio files. The most popular formats are MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3), AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and WMA (windows Media Audio), AAC also comes in further compressed variants like AAC+, AAC++ and eAAC+.


The more sophisticated Smartphones are powered by different operating systems, most commonly Symbian, Microsoft Windows, Palm and BlackBerry.

Standby time:

Time the battery will remain charged while the phone is on but not in use.


Time the battery will remain charged while the hone is in use.


High-speed data communication technology that uses shorthand radio frequencies for connection to a wireless local are network hotspot (W-LAN) to access the internet and email.



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