File Formats Dictionary of World Starting with D


  • DAT Data file
  • DAT WordPerfect Merge Data
  • DBF Aston-Tate dBASE database
  • DBX DataBeam image
  • DCR Shockwave file
  • DCS Desktop Color Separation file
  • DCX Fax image (based on PCX)
  • DDF BTRIEVE database
  • DEF C++ Definition
  • DEF SmartWare II data file
  • DER Certificate file
  • DIB Device-Independent Bitmap
  • DIC Dictionary
  • DIF Data Interchange Format spreadsheet
  • DIR Macromedia Director file
  • DIZ Description file
  • DLG C++ Dialogue Script
  • DLL Dynamic-Link Library
  • DMF X-Trakker music module (MOD) file
  • DOC FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
  • DOC Microsoft Word document
  • DOC WordPerfect document
  • DOC WordStar document
  • DOT Microsoft Word document Template
  • DPR Borland Delphi project header file
  • DRV Driver
  • DRW Micrografx Designer/Draw
  • DSG DooM saved game
  • DSM Dynamic Studio music module (MOD) file
  • DSP Microsoft Developer Studio project
  • DSQ Corel QUERY file
  • DSW Microsoft Developer Studio workspace
  • DWG AutoCAD drawing eXchange format
  • DXF AutoDesk Drawing Interchange format



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