Shortcut to Customize Ribbon or Menu Shortcuts In Word


While you are in Word, hold down Ctrl+Alt and then hit the + on the numeric keypad. If you try pressing the plus sign on the main part of your keyboard, this will not work.

You will notice that your mouse pointer turns into a fancy little cloverleaf shape (it reminds me of those Spirographs we played with as kids… am I showing my age again?).

Now take your fancy little pointer and click on any tool, ribbon or menu item you choose. The Customize Keyboard dialog will come up.

The first thing you will see is the Commands box in the upper right. This simply tells you what the command is called and what it does.

Under Specified Keyboard Sequence, there is a Current Keys box. This shows you any keyboard shortcuts currently assigned to the tool or feature. Next is the Press New Shortcut Key box. Use this if you want to assign a new shortcut by clicking inside the Press New Shortcut Key box and pressing the shortcut you want to use.

Choose to save the changes to (the template Word uses for all new documents) or only to the document you are currently in.

Click Assign and then Close to apply any changes. If you should decide you do not like a shortcut after all, go through the steps again, click your undesired shortcut in the Current Keys box and click Remove.

Happy, Customize Ribbon and Menu Shortcuts In Microsoft Ms Word !!!



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