Google Chrome Shortcuts, Make Your Daily Life Easy Using With Google Chrome

Ctrl+D –   Bookmark the current  webpage.

Ctrl+P –   Print your current page.

Ctrl+H –   View the History page.

Ctrl+J –   View the Downloads page.

Ctrl+O –  Open a File from your Computer.

Ctrl+F –   Open Find-In- page box.

Ctrl+G or F3 –   Find next match for Find-In- page box.

Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift+F3 –   Find Previous match for Find-In- page box.

Ctrl+S –   Opens Save As Dialog Box.

Ctrl+T –   Opens a New Tab.

Ctrl+Shift  and click a link –  Opens link in a new Tab and switches too.

Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8  – Switches to the tab at the specified position                number on the tab strip.

Ctrl+9 –   Switches to the last Tab.

Ctrl+PgDown –    Switches to the Next Tab.

Ctrl+PgUp –    Switches to the Previous Tab.

Ctrl+N –   Opens a New Window.

Ctrl+Shift+N –   Opens a New Incognito Window.

Alt+F4 –   Closes Current Window.

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 –  Closes the current tab.

Ctrl+U –   View  page.

Ctrl++ –   Text Size Up.

Ctrl+- –   Text Size Down.

Ctrl+0 –   Return Text Size Normal.

Ctrl+Shift+B –   Toggle bookmarks bar.

Drag  link to bookmarks bar –  Bookmark the link.

F5 –    Reload Current Page.

Esc –    Stop Page Loading.

Shift+Esc –    Opens Task Manager.

Alt+Home –  Opens your homepage in your current Tab.

Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 –    Ignore Cached Conten and Reload The Current Page.

Ctrl+Shift+Del –    Clears Browsing Data.

Hold Alt, while clicking a link – Download The Link.

Alt+F or Alt+E –   Opens the wrench menu, which lets you customize and control settings in Google Chrome.

Keep Your Internet Browsing Speedy!!!



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